Why Is No One Reading Your Blog + How to Fix It!

When getting into the social media game, you’ll hear that you should have a blog for your business. So you, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed start doing some research on “How to Start a Blog”. Next, you take out your credit card to purchase a domain and a web hosting provider for WordPress.org. Or maybe you go with Wix or Square Square to build a site directly because you love the drag and drop elements. From there, you spend days customizing your site then bomb, it’s time to make some content. You’ll spend your weekends working on your page. Some nights you’ll stay up till 4 am researching SEO. Then all of a sudden, 6 months pass by and you haven’t broken over 200 viewers. Why is that? Why is not no one reading your blog? Let me share with you why no one is reading your blog and how to fix it!


if you have poor loading speed, more than likely a reader is going to exit out of the page. No questions asked! Everyone loves instant gratification. If we don’t get our answer in 30 secs, we’re out. That’s why TikTok and Reels are so addicting. They give us what we want when we want it! So make sure to check if you’re site has good health and how to improve its loading speed.
The common mistakes new bloggers make:
Huge image sizes
You can change the settings in your phone or your camera so that your photo sizes are smaller without compromising the quality.
Unorganized template
Find something clean, simple, yet updated. Of course, you’ll want to have your individuality and aesthetic, but the key is to make sure your brand colors are coordinated, your photos are high quality, and you have categories. Lastly, make sure your font plus the font size is easy to read in the posts. A well-organized blog that is easy to navigate will always look professional.


Whether your topic is exciting or not, you want to find a eye catching title. Unfortunately, this will take time and practice. One of my best suggestions is to start getting on Pinterest and seeing what topics, pins, or searches you are frequently clicking on. Take inspiration from that title and put your own twist.

Or even go on Youtube. Head over to your niche or some of the other channels that you admire and find a video you would click on. If the topic is on a specific product let’s say, type that product in the search bar and look at the top 10 search results that come up. Which Thumbnail or Title would you click on? And take notes and inspiration for your specific topic.


Keep it short and simple. Let’s say you want to help new bloggers. For the title, you’ll want to make sure you use buzzing words that have your main focus such as “Blog” and perhaps the word “Pro”. Another great trigger word would be “Money” since money can be intriguing to a reader. So maybe you’re title could be, “How to Make Money While Blogging in 2021”.
Also, you want to make sure you’re title shows up without three dots appearing after it because it’s too long.

Take this screenshot that I took from Google as an example.
Note: I did hide the pages and their descriptions because they are irrelevant. Please know that I am using this for entertainment purposes to guide others through my experience. 🙂

As you look at the screenshot, noticed I searched “How to Blog like a Pro” and look at my results. These titles are exactly the same, short to the point. While the 4th title is too long and has the “…”. Personally, I think it’s best to practice having a strong title without using too make characters.


If you are a wordpress.org website like myself, I use the plugin called, “Yoast SEO“. I believe that most websites come with Yoast SEO, but I try to follow its guidelines to a T!
Here is an example Yoast SEO is telling me what I am missing from my post.


Another great plugin that I heard of is called Sem Rush but I am still looking into it. There are plenty of other sites to find powerful SEO and Keyword Tools out there, but Yoast has been the best for me since I started. Also, quick note, I am not on the premium membership. I use their free features and they have helped me rank on Google.

While we are on the topic of Plugins, another great one is called Grammarly. Which is an extension that will underline any incorrect spelling or grammar. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s been amazing.

One of my favorite podcasters to listen to about Blogging mentioned that he schedules a month or two that are dedicated to keyword research each year. This will only help your blog become the top place people find to get valuable information that they are seeking. So maybe planning a keyword research month could a goal of yours too!


Some of the most successful blogs solely focus on Pinterest for traffic growth. Why is that? Here’s the truth, ranking on Google may take years. Especially if you’re just starting out. While on Pinterest, all you have to do is learn the algorithm. Unlike other social media, everyone knows Pinterest to be a powerful search engine. You’re typically a Pinterest user who will search recipes, travel advice, fashion inspiration, etc. So learn your target audience, think of what he/she will search, and be that optimal pin on Pinterest that will lead them directly to your website!

Pinterest has the potential to give you thousands of new readers and maybe even some new loyal subscribers. Make sure to check out any of my Pinterest advice for more!

When you first start, it feels like your a hamster just spinning in a wheel with no end goal. You’re all Hustle without any of the gains. Believe me, this is actually my 2nd attempt at blogging. After 5 years of trial and error, I won’t stop until I pursue my dreams of doing this full-time but I don’t want it to take 3 years to get the needle moving and I’m sure you don’t either! I hope you’ll consider these tips on how to grow your blog in 2021!

For more social media tips, check out my page for all “Social Media 101

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