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Twenty Pho Hour – America’s First 2D Noodle Bar | Orlando Eats

This post is about Twenty Pho Hour, America’s first 2d noodle bar located in Orlando, Florida. All opinion is my own, always.

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What is better than a warm bowl of pho noodles on a chilly winter night? Recently, Twenty Pho Hour opened its doors for its soft opening in Orlando, Florida. Twenty Pho Hour is America’s first noodle bar!

The new restaurant offers their signature bowls of pho as well as an option to build your own bowl. They also offer other Japanese-inspired dishes like rolls, desserts, and more! For our first visit, we decided to go with their signature bowls to see if it was worth the hype!

If you want to read about what we ordered and my opinions on the atmosphere and food options, please continue reading below!

Twenty Pho Hour Orlando

As soon as we walked to the restaurant, we saw a small line form near the front of the restaurant near the electronic menu display. The line went by fast but maybe it’s because we were distracted by all of the cool design elements. As I mentioned, Twenty Pho Hour is America’s first 2D noodle Bar! The restaurant has such a unique atmosphere that is very Instagram-worthy!

For drinks, we ordered Thai tea, and my friend, Jamie ordered a colorful Boba without the Boba. We wanted to try out the rolls as an appetizer but they were sold out the day we visited. So we decided to just order our main course.

Twenty Pho Hour Orlando drinks
Twenty Pho Hour Orlando main dining area
Twenty Pho Hour Orlando main dining area
Twenty Pho Hour Orlando Build Your Own Bowl
Build Your Own Bowl With Lobster Tail and Short Ribs
Twenty Pho Hour Orlando Pho Hai San
T Pho Hai San

For dinner, I ordered the Pho Hai San which is the seafood bowl and Jamie ordered the Build-Your-Own-Bowl with lobster tail and short ribs.

I will say this was probably the most expensive pho we have ever ordered. My total came to be about $32 with tip and Jamie‘s was around $55. I want to mention it’s just in case you were curious!

We did decide to get something sweet so we shared some donuts which were warm, chewy, and delicious!

Overall, we love the experience the staff was very friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful experience and we’re so excited to come back to visit again in the future!

Twenty Pho Hour Orlando Donuts
Orlando Donuts

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twenty pho hour featured photo

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