Red Hot Valentine’s Day Outfit

Happy Valentine’s Day babes! My Valentine’s Day 2021 involved Jeff and I sleeping in, and eating peppered ahi tuna at one of our favorite restaurants! Today, I wanted to share my affordable Valentine’s Day outfit. My outfit can be found on Windsor Store Online and on Amazon. The pieces from Amazon are the red top and red beret. I absolutely love the color red. I think it’s my power color. Every time I wear red, I feel so confident.

Outfit Details

The red top, in particular, is a crop top with sheer sleeves. The sheer sleeves have a small polka dot pattern that makes with the rest of the top. The sleeves can be worn off the should or as a regular top. I decided to wear it normally instead of off the shoulder to accentuate the sweetheart neckline. If you’re unfamiliar with what a sweetheart neckline is, it’s when the top comes in at a low v shape, almost like a heart. This gives a very feminine look and looks great if you have a bigger chest, like me.

I went with a beret as an accessory because I always found them to be chic and romantic. Plus Berets are easy to take off without messing up my hair too badly. Again, both the top and beret are from amazon so they’re affordable, have ratings and reviews, customer photos plus fast shipping. (If you have amazon prime!)

As of right now, the top is out of stock, although, they’re restocking more soon!

For the bottoms, I went with a faux black leather skirt that I bought from Windsor. The leather-look gives a bit of edge and sexiness to the outfit to the romantic top. A little bit of sass and sweet is totally my style. And I think Jeff loved it too!

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