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I’m so excited to share that I am going to be adding a new category to this blog and it’s all about social media growth. To give you a bit of background, I was a social media manager for a Bar/Restaurant. My goal with the brand was to help with brand identity, content creation/photography, as well as coming up with shareable posts for the feed and stories!

As much as I love creating content, I noticed that the growth was lacking. Although we grew about 1,000 new followers over 6 months, I realized as a social media manager, growing the follower count is, unfortunately, the only way for my clients to see that the pages were scaling.

Which is jump starting my journey of learning all about social media. And I’m going to start sharing them with you all!

Over the next year, I plan to expand by studying social media strategies and utilizing the tools that I learn. And of course, I want to share what I think is useful along the way with everyone!

The courses and websites that I am studying currently are the following:


This course is taught by Tina Lee. Tina is a kick-ass content creator that has seen exponential growth during the pandemic by posting some sharable reels on her page, @ofleatherandlace.

I have signed up and taken her course! She is very thorough and gives a lot of insight and detail that gives the course so much value!


Sophie Lee is a young blogger that shares her dorm/apartment decorating hacks! She also shares her journey to becoming a successful blogger. After watching her YouTube channel, I realized that she is a no B.S. Blogger. She is authentic and raw and I really appreciate her energy for success.


Catherin is an amazing YouTuber that focuses on YouTube growth and strategies. She is vulnerable and real and someone that I respect a lot because of her drive and consistency. But she also isn’t afraid to show when she fails. She does what she can to really show the “Real” side to YouTube success!


The 6 Figure Influencer is by Allie Reeves. I relate with Allie because we have a similar background as social media managers. I think she gives great tips that are easy to implement and doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed. Also, she has a podcast that I think is amazing and one that I listen and re-listen to almost every time I go out for my daily walks! Every time she posts, she almost gives mini assignments to set her listeners up for success.


I recently discovered this podcast because I want to get more into depth on how to scale and grow this blog. And The Blogging Millionaire shares more about the technical side of a blog. The side that I struggle with the most! There’s so much value in making sure that a blog is optimal for many obvious reasons, the main one is viewership! I could blog for many years without understanding why I’m not getting the page hits. But what would be the point of blogging without readers!? The Blogging Millionaire shares short 8-10 minute Podcast recordings that are digestible and easy to listen to, which I fully appreciated!

This is Only the Beginning!

These are the few accounts that I am studying right now, and I want to share them with anyone that is on the same path! Having a blog is so important to me because this is my space to really share all my creative ventures and give them home other than my iPhone album.

Instagram has a limit as far as what to share with your audience. Plus IG stories only last for 24 hours. Whereas on a blog, you can completely expand your thoughts and give it a permanent place on the internet.

There is so much potential with blogging. And as I am on the journey to become full-time, I want to learn from the very best. I will continue to update this list as I find more inspirational social media coaches to help you along your journey as well!

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