Seito Sushi is a Must-Try in Orlando

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with Sushi! I started from rolls back when I was younger and now I’m all about the nigiri (sushi which is mainly fish and rice)! Since I moved into a new neighborhood, I wanted to check out some local restaurants! On the top of list is Seito Sushi. This sushi spot is raved by many of my friends so I had to check it out!

Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Address: 4898 New Broad St #32814, Orlando, FL 32814

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 10PM ⋅ Opens 5PM Wed · More hours


Phone: (407) 898-8801

The wait was pretty long for a table for one. Although, they have a “text for table” system. so I was able to walk around the block and look at christmas lights while waiting. I was seated at the sushi bar which I loved because I can see the chefs doing their thing! To start, I ordered a hot green tea.

Green Tea helps to cleanse the tongue, kind of like how gari, aka marinated/pickled ginger, does. When the tongue is oily from day to day activity, it can difficult to taste the sushi fully. So making sure the palette is clean will elevate the sushi experience! Especially since sushi already has such a delicate flavor. If possible, stick to good ole plain green tea without the sweet stuff!

For dinner, I ordered the Nigiri and wanted to eat it the traditional way! No matter if you’re having a roll, sashimi (fish without rice), or nigiri, it’s a fun experience. Here is the process to make sure you get a balance plus the most out of the flavors.

First, there’s no wrong way to eat food! Eat how you’d like. I’m just learning myself! This is to just give any pointers or tips for beginners that are interested.

The Art of Eating Sushi

Once you receive your plate, you want to be gracious and thank your server/waiter. Most sushi dinners will come with a miso soup appetizer. Although I’ve read it’s better to have this after the meal to allow the food to digest! Interesting huh?!

Once your main dish comes out. To prepare, make sure your palette is cleansed with a piece of ginger that is served along with your sushi order. Next, you’ll want to set your soy sauce in a small dish on the side.

To chopstick or not to Chopstick. If you aren’t comfortable or experienced, don’t worry about the chopsticks. Eating by hand is totally acceptable. But if you prefer a fork, no one will judge. Although, I should point out that eating the whole piece if possible is going to give you the best experience. The sushi chef plans what flavors, sauces, and ingredients will pair well together. So to make sure you get a balance yet explosion of flavor, try to eat one piece of sushi in one bite! Of course, American sushi is much larger so two or more bites are acceptable!

If you need some more spice in your life, take your chopsticks and lightly ‘brush’ a bit of wasabi onto your sushi. And if you love soy sauce, traditionally, you want to dip fish side. This is only if you like nigiri, like myself! If you have a roll, a light dip would do just fine!

Once you start eating the piece of sushi, allow the flavors to coat your mouth!

Then grab a small piece of ginger to cleanse your palate for the next piece and repeat!

You may notice that it’s not typical to mix wasabi and soy sauce together! Which is something I grew up on lol!

But of course, sushi is mainly to be enjoyed to eat how you like as long as you eat well!

Sieto Sushi Review

miso soup

I was very impressed with the Chef’s choice during my dinner. They were so many different varieties, although I couldn’t name any of them. But to have 10 piece of unique pieces for the price was worth the experience for sure!

And of course, I couldn’t skip the dessert! I ordered the Persimmon Honey Toast. Personally, I love savory and sweet so a slightly salty buttered brioche toast with sweet ice cream sounds amazing to me. The Chef described the dessert as their take on a deconstructed fried ice cream! So Yummy!

Overall, Sieto is easily my new favorite restaurant in Baldwin Park, if not favorite sushi restaurant in Orlando. Even better yet, they offer dishes that aren’t primarily seafood so everyone can dine in!

Huge thank you to Sieto for the generosity and great service!

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