Capturing the Charm of Savannah: The Best Photo Spots in the City

As someone who loves visiting Savannah, Georgia, I can attest to its undeniable beauty and charm. The city’s historic architecture, lush parks, and charming streets make it a photographer’s paradise. But Savannah isn’t just a pretty face – it also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, making it the perfect destination for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and other celebrations. Whether exploring the city’s historical landmarks or indulging in its delicious Southern cuisine, Savannah is a destination that truly has it all.

Savannah, Georgia, also has plenty of photo opportunities, whether you’re on a group trip or a solo getaway. From stunning parks to historical landmarks, there’s no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots to discover.

Here are the top 10 most content-worthy spots in Savannah:

  1. Forsyth Park: This 30-acre park is a must-see when visiting Savannah. The park is known for its iconic fountain, tree-lined pathways, and Spanish moss-covered oak trees. The fountain is particularly popular with photographers, making it an excellent backdrop for photos.
  2. Jones Street: This charming street is often cited as one of the most beautiful streets in America. With its historic homes, lush greenery, and brick sidewalks, it’s not hard to see why. Be sure to snap a few photos of the colorful houses and intricate wrought-iron fences.
  3. River Street: Running along the Savannah River, River Street is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. The cobblestone street is home to shops, restaurants, and plenty of photo opportunities. Be sure to capture the colorful storefronts and river views.
  4. Wormsloe Historic Site: This 18th-century plantation is a favorite among photographers. The mile-long avenue of live oak trees draped in Spanish moss makes for a stunning photo backdrop. Visitors can also tour the historic home and grounds.
  5. The Olde Pink House: This 18th-century mansion-turned-restaurant is one of Savannah’s most iconic landmarks. The pink exterior and lush gardens make for a great photo backdrop. Be sure to capture a photo of the beautiful wrought-iron gates and historic architecture.
  6. Telfair Museum: This museum is a must-see for art lovers. The neoclassical building and lush gardens make for a great photo backdrop. Visitors can explore the museum’s impressive American and European art and architecture collection.
  7. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist: This impressive cathedral is a popular spot for both religious and non-religious visitors. The stained-glass windows and intricate architecture make for a stunning photo backdrop.
  8. The Kehoe House: This beautiful bed and breakfast is in the heart of Savannah’s historic district. The house dates back to 1892 and features a stunning wrought-iron balcony and lush courtyard. The house’s white exterior and grand architecture make it a popular photo spot.
  9. Savannah Historic District: The Savannah Historic District is a 2.5 square mile area home to hundreds of historic buildings and landmarks. Visitors can explore the famous Mercer Williams House featured in the book and movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Be sure to take photos of the charming streets and historic architecture.
  10. Savannah’s Squares: Savannah is known for its 22 historic squares, each featuring lush greenery, monuments, and plenty of photo opportunities. Some of the most popular squares include Chippewa Square (where the famous “life is like a box of chocolates” scene from Forrest Gump was filmed), Troup Square, and Lafayette Square.

Savannah, Georgia, is a photographer’s paradise. With its historic architecture, charming streets, and stunning parks, there’s no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots to discover. Be sure to add these 10 spots to your list when visiting Savannah!

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