Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

Who else loves lemon drop martinis?! Whenever I’m in the mood for something to do, I prefer my cocktails to be refreshing and tarte. While I was getting ready for the day, my boyfriend was kind enough to create this delicious cocktail. The ingredients are simple, yet big on citrus flavor. And this week, he’s elevating this cocktail using Manifest Citrus Vodka.

Manifest Distilling

Over the past few months, we’ve been trying to focus on sharing local Florida Brands with our audience. So we’re excited to share with you all about Manifest. Manifest is an organic craft distillery based in Florida with a pretty extensive line of spirits. This includes Gin, Rye whiskey, their straight Rye, Potato vodka, and of course their Citrus Vodka that we are using today.

This lemon drop recipe is sweet, sour, tarte and refreshing. And while the lemon drop is adored by bargoers all across the world, we amp’d it up with our homemade Raspberry Syrup.

How to make Homemade Simple Syrup

To make this lemon drop extra special, we crafted our homemade raspberry simple syrup made with organic fresh raspberries. To make our simple syrup is easy. First, all you’ll need is an equal part of boiling water and equal parts of granulated sugar. Once everything cools down, feel free to add fruit. Lastly, for color and natural fruit flavors, add a handful of your favorite fruit. In this case, our choice was raspberries. Muddle the berries, then strain the mixture into a storing jar and voila! Raspberry simple syrup!

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