Pineapple Smoke Tequila Cocktail Recipe

It’s official, we found our new favorite mixer, William Sonoma and Casamigo’s Pineapple Smoke Mix! Jeff and I recently moved into our new home and we’ve been slowly decorating. One of the stores that we love going into is William Sonoma. William Sonoma has a great selection of functional, beautiful and high end Kitchen essentials. This includes everything from knives, glassware, cutleries and more! In a specific section of the store, they have a nice variety of cocktail mixers with different brands including their own brand. As fans of Casamigos, we were excited to try out mixes. Our favorite is the Pineapple Smoke. They also have different flavors as well.

The Recipe for the suggested cocktail for the Pineapple Smoke mixer is simple. Just add an ounce and a half of Casamigos Reposado and half an ounce of Casamigos Mescal. Unfortunately, these aren’t found in the William Sonoma store so we had to make a trip to our local spirits store. Although, would be able to deliver it to your home!

The flavors work so well together and is the perfect transitional cocktail. You get the summer flavors of pineapple and the fall flavors from the cinnamon notes and the mescal. While we aren’t the biggest fans of Mescal, the smokiness makes the cocktail unique and unlike most, we’re used to.

We highly recommend picking it up on your new run to William Sonoma. And while we haven’t tried out the other William Sonoma x Casamigos mixers, we plan to soon. So stay tuned for future reviews!

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