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Top Packing Tips | Essentials for a Perfect Trip


Dream vacation? Check! Packing for the trip of your dreams? You got it. Now all you need is some inspiration on how to pack efficiently and effectively so worrying about what to wear is the least of your worries.

Planning for your next vacation can be daunting, especially when it’s time to pack. Sometimes I find myself tossing and turning in bed weeks before a trip from anticipation! I don’t know how some of you guys can pack last minute!! lol 😆 For myself, I like to dress for the occasion and for the setting. (the girls that get, get it) So if I’m going to a cafe with pretty flowers, you bet I have on a girly and feminine outfit. If I’m going to a fancy-schmancy steak house, I’m probably going to wear heels! And the location also matters. Imagine walking around Savannah, Georgia’s cobblestone streets with stilettos?! You’ll probably have to go to target and borrow some heels. It really does depend on where you’re going.

This post should help you prepare so you can live your best life while on vacation! So whether you’re a last-minute packer or a precision planner, you won’t want to miss these tips, hacks, and favorite products to make packing (and traveling!) a dream. 

Packing 101

I’ll be honest, sometimes I do pack last minute but generally, I do my best to make sure I list out everything I have and coordinate to specific locations. For example, I’ll bring a workout out for a hike, water shoes for the rainforest, and a dress for a dinner night out.

A favorite method for frequent travelers is rolling your clothing so they don’t get wrinkles from being packed into a suitcase. First, lay all tops face down then fold in sleeves before rolling them up at the bottom; repeat the process with pants/shorts until everything has been compacted into small enough sizes to fit inside its container without too much leftover spare room. There are a lot of great videos on rolling methods on YouTube but overall any rolling method will help keep things organized while still allowing room if needed during transit! You might consider packing light because airlines do have strict weight restrictions. And you don’t want to be opening your luggage at baggage check while there’s a long line behind you. (Been there before 😂 )

Also, I really love packing cubes. I’ve had affordable ones and I’ve had ones with more structure. I will say the affordable ones are flimsy and the zippers can be finicky. Another great option if you don’t want to splurge on packing cubes is to use the bags from SHEIN. (If you shop there!) It’s a great way to reuse ♻️ !

Outfit Strategies for your next getaway

If you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to pack appropriate and ready-to-wear outfits. Having an outfit accessible in a carry-on bag means you can change into them upon landing or at the airport arrivals terminal in case your luggage gets lost! This is also great if you’re like me and you like to be comfortable on the plane. That means a soft hoodie (because planes are cold) and once you land, you can charge while you’re at the airport (that’s if your room isn’t ready yet where you are staying.) It’s all about preparing! You can’t go wrong with a great outfit and the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion!

Speaking of outfits, pack your outfits into a mini capsule wardrobe so you always have interchangeable outfits. Inside of packing by outfit piece. This will help you from overpacking. If it’s an activity where comfort is key like hiking or camping then make sure to pack some comfortable footwear too- no one wants blisters on their feet while they’re enjoying themselves outdoors right?

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Travel Must-Haves

Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re not prepared. To make your trip more comfortable, there are a few things you should always bring along. For starters, pack a bag with all of the essentials: a change of clothes, toiletries, medication, and any other items you may need. Traveling can also be tough on your skin, so pack some moisturizer and lip balm to keep your skin hydrated. If you’re prone to motion sickness, bring along some ginger candy or drink plenty of ginger tea before your trip. And finally, make sure you have a good book or two to keep you entertained during long layovers or delays.

Here is a list of my favorite travel essentials:

My Lavender Carry On

Tide to go pens pack

Maybelline Compostable Makeup Wipes

Makeup Forever Matte Velvet 24 Hour Powder Foundation

Makeup Travel Compartment Case

Passport Holder with medical card window

Jewelry Holder

Shock Proof Charger and Electric holders

Sturdy Packing Cubes

Overnight Weekender Bag

TSA friendly Travel Emergency Kit for Carry On


Cozy Travel Blanket

Memory Foam Airplane Pillow

Hanging Toiletry Bag

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