The Golden Ticket Gimlet Ft. Mcqueen & the Violet Fog

Nothing is as simple yet refreshing as the Gimlet. Simply, a Gimlet is a cocktail that consist of gin, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. And that’s all folks! It’s delicious, easy and a classic. Although, we decided to elevate this and use Mcqueen & The Violet Fog Gin and drops of our homemade Blackberry Simple Syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice. Is it still considered a “classic” Gimlet? Perhaps. Is it dangerously delicous? 100%

Location: Mcqueens Social Lounge – Orlando, Fl

We decided to film this video in Mcqueen’s Social Lounge here in Orlando, Florida. Mcqueen’s Social Lounge is an approachable craft cocktail lounge. With delicious drinks, a party atmosphere all within a space that is adorned with artwork created by artist, JBon, @theunsignedartist.

Mcqueen and the Violet Fog Gimlet

What makes a Gimlet favorable?

It’s refreshing, sweet, and tart and elegant depending on where it’s served. This is a drink that could be served alone or on the rocks. We prefer a coupe glass. Although, we’ve seen Gimlets served in martini glasses and rocks glasses as well.

Mcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin

This week, we’re experimenting with Mcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin. This Gin is handcrafted in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil. It’s wickedly smooth and has easily become one of our favorite selection for Gin. Personally, we weren’t big Gin drinkers. Although recently, we’re opening our ideas to the fresh herbaceous and floral profiles that Gin’s are so distinctive known for!

How to make Homemade Simple Syrup

To make this Gimlet extraordinary, we crafted our homemade blackberry simple syrup made simply from fresh blackberries. To make our simple syrup is easy. First, all you’ll need is an equal part of boiling water and equal parts of granulated sugar. Also, to liven things up, add mint leaves while you boil the water. Once everything cools down, feel free to add fruit. Lastly, for color and natural fruit flavors, add a handful of your favorite fruit. In this case, our choice was blackberries. Muddle the berries, then strain the mixture into a storing jar and voila! Blackberry Mint Simple Syrup!

Check out the Recipe below:

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