My Current Makeup Routine in 2021

Since I moved to a different state, my makeup routine has changed a bit. If you didn’t know, I currently live in Florida. While there isn’t much change in weather from Atlanta… 1. they’re both hot. 2. they’re both humid. The lifestyle is absolutely not the same. In Atlanta, the girls love to get dolled up for dinner and dress to the 9’s. Nails did, hair did, everything did! In contrast, Florida girls are all about natural beauty with very little clothing lol. I guess this probably just depends on your friend group. Either way, my makeup routine has evolved a bit so I want to share with you guys what I’m loving and currently wearing today!

The Makeup Products

Foundation: Nars mixed with tinted Moisturizer. I love Nars Cosmetics solely for the color.

Powder: At the moment, I am using Maybelline in Medium. It’s the perfect color that doesn’t whiten me out!

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills. Shocker, I’m not wearing as many false lashes. I do still on occasions, so I’ll link my favorites in case you want to try some!

Eyeshadow: My beloved Kylie Palette! I love this palette because of the colors and the powders have so much payoff. It’ll literally last you forever. They have neutral brown and bronze shades. To fun shades like pink, shimmery powered, and more! It’s been my go-to for a while!

Blush: A mix of Gingerly and Luminoso from Milani. I love the gingerly because it compliments my golden tan skin tone. While the Milani adds that pinch of peach with a luminous glow. No need for unnecessary highlighting!

Next, I like to do brows. I brush them through with a clean mascara wand and add a hint of dark brown powder to define them a bit. Fortunately, I got my eyebrows permantenly tattooed with the ombred powered brow technique with Irina from Orlando Beauty. She’s mega tatlented and definetly worth adding along to your research if you’re looking to do permanent brows.

Check out my experience on YouTube:

My Favorite Lip Combo

Last but not least, let’s talk lips! For lips, My favorite combination right now is Sell Out by Too Faced. This is a nude pink liquid matte liquid lipstick. It’s perfect cause there is no tint or taste. The color lasts all day. And better yet it’s mega comfortable. Back in the day when liquid lipsticks were HUGE… I remember how many I tried that just dried my lips out and made them look horrible. If I’m having a dry lip day, I’ll pair this with a light lip balm. My favorite for years has been the Roses lip balm. The balm itself smells so good. There is a light pink hue and it’s not sticky!

And to finish things off, I love to spray a finishing spray. This helps ensure that the makeup lasts all day and all night!

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