How I became a Social Media Manager + my future plans!

While 2020 gave us a lot of uncertainties about the future, I did see a shift in priorities among my friends and myself as well. The last few years, I’ve been trying to navigate this whole social media thing. And I could never really figure out how to actually make an income from it. My future goal is to be a full-time digital nomad, offering my editing services, graphic design work, blogging, and most recently, social media managing.

While the first three aspects were something I’ve been working on, the income hasn’t ever been consistent. With smaller social media accounts, it’s becoming hard and harder to grow. So when the opportunity for me to manage a few local accounts for nightclubs and bars, I knew that it was going to be a good opportunity for me to learn!

Fast forward 6 months to today, I have officially claimed this title and now I want to help you!

So over the next week months, I’ll be teaching and sharing all the tips, tricks, and everything I pick up along the way. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for all the hacks!

I plan to show up on reels more as well. I want to share everything about become a creative so you can make extra income sharing with your audience what you love!

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