What’s New at The Georgia Aquarium 2021

If you’re visiting Atlanta, you can’t leave without visiting the Largest Aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, The Georgia Aquarium. (The new largest aquarium is given title to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China). Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is home to thousands of marine life. Jeff and I went back during our recent trip and are in love with all the new features including the SHARKS! exhibit.

Tip: Due to the recent Pandemic, at this time, they are NO walk-up tickets available. To purchase your tickets, visit georgiaaquarium.org. We weren’t able to find anything on Groupon.com during our visit, but make sure to check online for any deals. Although, Jeff and I were able to buy tickets last minute!

More Facts:
Hours: Open to the Public from 8am-8pm


When you visit the aquarium, you’ll notice different Galleries that belong to different animals depending on climate and species.

SHARKS! Predators of the Deep
Aquanaut Adventure
Cold Water Quest
Dolphin Coast
Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot
Southern Company River Scout
Truist Pier 225
Tropical Diver

“Sharks! Predators of the Deep” 

Debuting on October 23, 2020, the newest gallery, “Sharks! Predators of the Deep”  is home to thousands of pilchard fish swimming in school amongst Bluetip sharks, hammerheads, sand tigers, and tiger sharks. The tank is over 20 ft. in depth and has over 1.5 million gallons of water, making this the largest shark exhibit in North America! We found a bunch of fun facts posted on the wall. Also, we got to speak to an educator they gave us additional facts about the sharks. If viewing the sharks through glass isn’t enough for you, you could book a deep cage dive!

Cold Water Quest

One of my favorite galleries to visit is the Cold Water Quest. Here you’ll find African Penguins, large Japanese spider crabs, sea otters, puffins, and the beluga whales. Don’t forget to spot the baby beluga whale with its mommy! We were lucky enough to spot them nursing.

Ocean Voyager

Inside the Ocean Voyager, you’ll be under a 100 ft. tunnel with whale sharks, manta rays and thousands fishes swimming above. It’s amazing to see marine life only a few feet about our heads. Don’t worry if this space gets crowded, every view is a good view!

Dolphin Coast at the Aquarium

If dolphins are your favorite animals, make sure to catch them in action at the Dolphin Coast. There are a few live shows if you want to see them play. Jeff and I were lucky enough to catch one of the dolphins playing with a bright yellow ball! It’s was so stinkin’ cute!

Those are my favorite galleries, although, it’s easy to hit all the exhibits within a couple of hours! If you’re hungry, they also have a cafe. But warning: the food is expensive and pretty mediocre. Kind of reminds me of typical school lunch-type food. But if you have any hungry kids…or in my case, boyfriend, we recommend chicken tenders! Lastly, the aquarium does serve alcohol, although, you aren’t able to walk around with any beverages outside of the food area.

Social Distancing at the Georgia Aquarium

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