Photos to Inspire You to Visit Epcot in 2021

I am so excited to be able to share some fun photos on my recent trip to Walt Disney World‘s Epcot. From my photos, it looks like the park wasn’t crowded. But since I went on Tuesday, the crowd level was pretty light. We made our visit to Epcot during the 28th annual Flower and Garden Festival! This particular event happens annually during spring. This year, the dates are between March 3rd-July 5th 2021, and have been around since 1994! 

Many Walt Disney World guests, especially adults without children, love to visit Epcot because guests can enjoy eating and drinking around the world all within one theme park in the world showcase. This is especially one of my favorite times of year to visit because I love all the cute and colorful gardens featuring topiaries of beloved Disney characters. 

If you are a lover of beautiful floral displays, plus food and beverages featuring fresh spring ingredients and inspiration, you won’t want to miss this festival! Here are some photos to inspire you to visit Epcot in 2021.


Depending on where you start, Mexico is going to be either the first or the last country you visit in the World Showcase. We decided to go inside to get some AC and wander inside the pre-Colombian pyramid. Inside you’ll find colorful cards with Mexican jewelry pottery clothing and other goods. Plus you can find the three Caballeros Gran fiesta tour ride featuring Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito. 

There are several dining options in the Mexican Pavillion. A popular dining option is the La Hacienda de San Angel that offers authentic Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is also popular because it offers panoramic views of the World Showcase lagoon. Plus the San angel inn restaurant. This restaurant is inside of the plaza and it’s very dark and romantic because of their ambient and minimal lighting. This restaurant especially seems a lot harder to get a table. So make sure to get a reservation if you are interested in trying some regional Mexican dishes. 

During our trip we decided to taste some authentic Mexican tequilas at last Cava Del Tequila. Because there are no available seating due to social distancing restrictions, we took our tequila flight to the fountain area of the plaza.  

The tequila flight is priced at $26 and featured one Blanco, one Reposado, and one Añejo tequila with a side of limes salt and a tomato-based chaser! Not a bad way to start a drinking tour in the world showcase. 


The Norway area is best known for being the home to the “meet and greet” location for Frozen. This area is a little bit smaller compared to the other pavilions. Tip, this area does have a bathroom area in the Norwegian town Square. In the gift shops, you’ll find a few Viking artifacts and souvenirs.

If you are ready to adventure to the world of Frozen, the Frozen ride is definitely worth the wait. Although we wouldn’t wait more than 45 minutes for this ride. To best describe the ride, it is a log ride where you can see popular characters like Olaf, Sven, and Anna and Elsa. This ride used to be a little bit more “thrilling” but I believe that because of Covid restrictions, I think Disney made this ride a little bit milder so that guests wouldn’t scream. Or maybe I was more surprised during my first time riding this ride.


In the China pavilion, you can enter the Temple of the Heavens. I love this area because of the colorful and distinct ceremonial patterns on the buildings. I think this is one of the more beautiful pavilions in Epcot. There are a couple of food options including the Nine Dragons Restaurant. And for quick service, Lotus Blossom Café and the Joy of Tea.


This beautiful area is where you are going to see an awesome clock tower that chimes a melody every hour. Plus miniature German villages with a train.

It makes you feel like you were inside of a real-life Bavarian-style storybook. it is very beautiful. And don’t forget to find the snow-white topiary, it’s stunning. Some of the food options include Sommerfest, which serves bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels, and strudels. Plus, they have awesome gift shops with gorgeous Beer Steins for sale.


While exploring the Venetian Inspired square of the Italy pavilion, we decided to stop inside for a snack. One of the full-service restaurants here is called Tutti Italia Restaurant. We grabbed a shot of a Limoncello from the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. They have a huge drink list, and the bar area has a beautiful rustic look. 

Another dining option includes the pizza Napoli style at Via Napoli. This style of pizza is my favorite!

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the “Fontana de Nettuno”. Or miss a photo op in front of the gorgeous flowers in the middle of the square. 

United States 

Inside of the American adventure pavilion, you feel like you were inside of independence hall. The main building is recognized with its colonial-style mansion. Right now you can learn a little bit about American history. Additionally, you’ll find the Soul Of Jazz: an American Adventure display with facts on jazz history in different American cities. 

For food, you can find turkey legs and hotdogs at Fif and Drum or barbecue at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Plus they also have a funnel cake stand! You don’t get more American than that!

Also, enjoy some live music from local bands in the America Garden theater. These concerts are every Friday Saturday and Sunday and Monday night. 


As you pass the pagoda of a seventh-century Horyuji Temple, you’ve entered the Japan Pavillion. Immediately, you’ll be greeted by footbridges with koi fish beautiful water lilies bamboo, and plenty of other native Japanese plants. We decided to explore this area a little more thoroughly than at the rest of the pavilions. We decided to try the violet sake during this trip which was a super delicious alcoholic beverage. There is also a fun gift shop with fun Japanese snacks and Japanese GIFts souvenirs. If you were looking for it delicious full service restaurant, check out Mitsukoshi Tokyo dining for a delicious hibachi-style dinner. 


Unfortunately, the Morocco pavilion was closed during our visit. Although, if you are in the mood for some Mediterranean small plates, the Spice Road Table is still open for service. 


The France pavilion is a popular favorite because of its gorgeous architecture, gardens, and yummy foods. A popular restaurant choice is Monsieur Paul restaurant, although it was closed during this trip. I have visited the Les Chefs De France Restaurant that offers amazing foods and services. During the warmer season, I love grabbing a colorful macaroon ice cream sandwich from the L’artisan Des Glaces to cool down from the Florida heat! 

And soon, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will be opening soon on October 1st, 2021! This highly anticipated attraction will be very similar to the one in Disneyland Paris France. So guests are already super pumped about it coming to Epcot! 

The United Kingdom

The UK is actually a larger area with more areas to walk and enjoy. Some of the favorites to get here are of course fish and chips plus a nice cold ale at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop or inside the Rose and Crown if you’re looking for a transitional pub atmosphere. (Plus a/c!)


Last but not least is the Canada pavilion where you can find us home Victorian-style buildings plus a gorgeous Canadian Rockies waterfall and garden walkway that is supposed to remind you of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. 

For dining, you can visit Le Cellier for Canadian brewskis or if you are feeling really hungry you can also get delicious steaks prime rib salmon, and of course poutine, a Canadian side dish featuring fries with gravy and squeaky cheese curds. There are obviously other areas to Epcot including future world with the iconic Test Track ride. Although, in my opinion, The world showcase is one of the best experiences at Disney. So I prefer to do the test track last her on my way now Of the park if the timing is in my favor! 

Other rides you can’t miss include spaceship Earth, mission space, soarin’, and my last favorite is living with the land. 

As far as Seasonal foods for this year’s flower and garden festival, we tried the duck confit with orange glacé and gnocchi in the France pavilion. Absolutely delicious! 

If you are a foodie looking to have the ultimate cuisine expedite, definitely visit during the food and wine festival 

Or the flower and Garden Festival for seasonal fares! 

What is your favorite Walt Disney World theme park? What are your thoughts on Epcot? Feel free to message me on Instagram with any questions you have about Epcot! 

Thank you so much for visiting my page!

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