Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya is NEXT LEVEL!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable luxury getaway to Mexico, the Conrad Tulum should be at the top of your list! This magnificent resort is located on the Mexican Riviera and offers guests stunning ocean views and first-class amenities. Here, you’ll enjoy world-class dining, a state-of-the-art spa, and plenty of activities to keep you busy. The staff is incredibly welcoming and gave us VIP treatment, making it one of our best hotels.

We made our way to Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya during our six-day adventure through Quintana Roo. The brand new hotel opened its hand-carved doors recently in January 2022 and is off of Akumal Bay, a private beach surrounded by mangroves. Conrad Tulum’s design inspiration is ancient Mayan architecture and coastal vibes. We were in awe as we walked through this stunning property!
I spent my stay relaxing the day away, but I made sure to give myself a little tour around the property to share all the details.

Whether you’re visiting for a romantic escape or a family vacation, the Conrad Tulum Mexico Hotel is sure to impress!

Transportation to the Resort

To get from Cancun International airport to Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, I rented a car through a friend of

To get from Cancun International airport to Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, I rented a car through a friend who lives in Playa del Carmen for the week. Getting to Conrad using our GPS was confusing because it directed us off to the Dolpinaris Tulum instead. (Remember, the resort is brand new, so it may not be on Google Maps/Waze/apple maps yet.)

According to Google maps, the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya is 1 hour and 10 minutes from Cancun International airport. Since the resort is 8 miles from the heart of Tulum, we decided not to go off the property and to relax and enjoy the secluded beach and amenities Conrad Tulum has to offer.

Source: Google Maps

To get to the Conrad, you’ll have to make a U-turn from the main highway to get to the grand entrance, where you will show your reservation and identification to the front gate security.

Source: Google Maps

A Look at the Lobby

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As soon as we pulled into valet, I was blown away by the hotel’s grandeur. We were greeted by the beautiful wooden doors that opened right into the lobby facing the private beach. The check-in process was a breeze, thanks to the friendly concierge. The accommodations at the Conrad Tulum are truly top-notch, and we loved having our private balcony overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters.

Since we booked the room with our American Express Card, we got so many perks, including: 

  • $100 Food Credit
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Early Check-in
  • Late Checkout
  • Complimentary Upgrades for being a Hilton Honors Gold Member (a bonus of the American Express Platinum Card

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Thanks to the Hilton Honors benefits, we scored the upgraded “Ocean View” room with a private plunge pool on our balcony. Also, we had our own assigned concierge who we could reach via WhatsApp, and she did an excellent job of ensuring we got the most out of our stay by booking dining reservations and our day at the Spa. The entire staff treated us like celebrities. Their joy was contagious, and the level of hospitality that they gave us was unparalleled in our other hotel experiences.

Complimentary Bikes to ride throughout the property or Personal Shuttle Service option

Inside the Oceanview Room with Two Queen Beds

Our room is located in Casa 4 on the third floor. There are elevators and stairways to get from floor to bottom. Since we were in casa 4, we had a beautiful view of one of the five pools at the resort, plus a view of Akumal bay. The first thing I noticed while walking through the room was the sweet note congratulating my boyfriend and me on our 3rd anniversary, with welcome drinks and a beautiful carrot cake. 🍰

As soon as you entered the room, we had a coffee bar to the right of us stocked with Nespresso pods. In the mini-fridge were three glass-bottled water and local kombucha. Our room had two queen-sized beds sharing one nightstand with an alarm clock and plenty of outlets to charge phones and cameras. There was also a massive TV, which unfortunately wasn’t a smart TV, so we had to navigate through local channels. I’m usually not the traveler that watches TV on vacation, but since we wanted to relax and get room service, it was a bummer that we had to navigate through local channels instead of being able to stream. Not a big deal for most, but I thought I should mention it in case someone out there enjoys kicking back and streaming Netflix.
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The Bathroom

Our room also had one of the best showers I’ve ever stepped foot in. The window view of the ocean was just chef’s kiss incredible. The shampoo, conditions, lotions, and soaps were Byredo Mojave Ghost and every ounce of my being wanted to put every bottle to take it back into my suitcase. I think this stay was the first time I had the desire to wash my hair while on vacation. 😅 The room had double sinks with beautiful LED light fixtures and a private toilet room.

Of course, the show’s star was the STUNNING view from our balcony. The balcony also had a private tub which perfectly fits two, so you can watch the stars as the waves crash onto the beach. So romantic!

Relaxing at One of Five Pools

The main pool is right off the lobby and is the most popular. If you want a more quiet and private pool experience, the pools near the guest rooms are also expansive and have plenty of seating. Just walking around the property was mesmerizing. Each area had its food and drink service, so you don’t have to be empty-handed. Although the resort is not all-inclusive, each cocktail can rack up the price of your stay. We watched as they set up the fires and candles during the evening for a moody and romantic vibe. 

One of five pools at Conrad Tulum

Breakfast at Arbolea

I was excited to check out the breakfast buffet at Arbolea. I was not disappointed! They had all of the American breakfast classics, plus a wide variety of international fares. The French toast was delicious, and I loved the available tropical fruits. They also had a lot of healthy options, which is always appreciated.

Lunch at Ultramar

Ultramar is the pool bar at the Conrad and is lively and beautiful day or night. There is plenty of seating on the gorgeous bar tops, and it is first-come, first-serve for the table seating. The options were a little lacking for someone that isn’t into healthier food options, so we got the Torte de Cochinita or pork sandwich, but the flavor was lacking for us. Also, I should mention that I’m a big foodie, so if it’s not slappin’ good, then it’s alright. The views are unmatched, though. Who wouldn’t want lunch with good music and a view of the ocean?!

Dinner at Kengai

Our dinner was at Kengai, one of the restaurants with a unique pathway. They offered hibachi but unfortunately, we weren’t aware that it was reservations only, so I would keep that in mind if you want that experience. Instead, we got regular table service, and the food was plated and gorgeous, although it wasn’t my favorite meal. Again, I’m a foodie, so I’m picky with Asian food. I could tell that the staff was overwhelmed and maybe a little unstaffed, but the service was genuine and kind.

The Spa at Conrad Tulum

Typically, I would skip the Spa because I like to spend more time exploring. Although, the Spa at the Conrad mixes luxurious amenities inspired by traditional Mexican rituals. I felt like it was an experience that I couldn’t pass up. And I’m so happy I splurged on the treatment. I felt so cleansed and refreshed afterward. The spa experience was unique and worth the time and money. The first ritual was the water wash, where I was guided into a steam room. I had a personal attendant that would let me know when my time was ready to move on to the next ritual. The 2nd was a rain shower with jets on the side for a complete cleanse.

I did this twice, but I cringed the first time around. The 3rd was the sauna, where I stayed and meditated for 10 minutes. Next was the cold plunge, which was my favorite part. It felt so refreshing. And then I was put into the hot tub jacuzzi. I had the entire women’s Spa to myself. It was so peaceful. No phones. No distractions.

Pathway to the Conrad Tulum Spa

Then I was brought to the main pool where I could rejoin my boyfriend before our couples massage. Our massage started with the burning of sage for the purifying gratitude ceremony. Then our 60-minute massage and facial. Words can’t explain how rejuvenated I felt leaving the Spa.

What about the Beaches at Conrad Tulum?, “Sargassum seaweed in Tulum usually starts to arrive towards the end of March or April.” Which is the month we were visiting. During the day, no one was near the beach because they are mounts of seaweed left from workers collecting it and piling them together. The smell is pretty awful and an eyesore from the beautiful blue water.

If you are lucky enough to visit when seaweed isn’t a huge issue, they have plenty of beach chairs and seating for guests.

If you are lucky enough to visit during times were seaweed isn’t a huge issue, they have plenty of beach chairs and seating for guests.

Is Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya Worth Booking?

The base price of the hotel is around $350/night. If you are a Hilton Honors member and are looking to escape to the Caribbean sea, this is a great romantic location. I noticed a bachelorette was there, but this hotel seems geared towards honeymoons and families. If I were going to Tulum for the first time, I would stay closer to the famous hotel zone instead of the private and secluded Akumal. Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya is the perfect oasis if you’re looking to get away and treat yourself to a day out from your busy life. It truly is a slice of heaven on earth..

I hope this review was helpful. If any questions come up, feel free to direct message me on Whats App or email me at [email protected]

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