Celebrating LOVE with Château Minuty

What would you be ready to do for love? Today, I answer these questions with Château Minuty over a glass of their Rose et Or rosé. For those that are not familiar with Chãteau Minuty, they are the global leader in Côtes de Provence rosé. I was lucky enough to partner with them on this post so that I could share with everyone my thoughts on the wine. The rosé in my opinion is sweet, crisp, yet light. Perfect for Valentine’s Day Brunch, or to enjoy a romantic summer night.

The Winery is located in at 2491 Route de la Berle, 83580 Gassin, France

To celebrate the month of love, Château Minuty Asks…

Q: What would you be ready to do for love?

A: For love, I would drop everything I’m doing to be with the person I care about. Quality Time is my love language. If I really care about someone, I usually can’t get enough of them. Also, I would drop whatever I’m doing to help, support and or simply be there. I really value my time, so this means a lot.

Q: What does love taste like?

A: Love tastes spicy. I love when love has heat, passion and excitement.

Q: Whom is the last person you said I love you to?

A: Of course, my boyfriend Jeff. Jeff is my rock and my best friend. And I tell him I love him every single day. We are going on our 2 years together. We met back in Spring 2019. And we have grown to understand each other a lot over the past couple years. Jeff has done a lot to show me how much he love me. We always make each other laugh, we enjoy going on food adventures, and we love to explore together.

Q: Gestures/Words that represent love?

A: Touch, Communication, and Support. I think those are the best ways to show love.

chateau minuty

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