The Story Behind My New Small Business

As the title states, I have started my very own small business selling classic 3D lashes and Magnetic lashes! I actually started around June of 2020 and have learned all the ups and downs of running an e-commerce business. If you want to learn a little bit about my business, the name, and what I learned during the first month, please continue reading!


I decided after years and years of loving lashes to finally sell my own. At first, I thought it would be too competitive to sell lashes. But I knew that as someone that has zero business experience, I wanted to start with a product that is already a winning product but make it my own with private labeling. False eyelashes are not a new concept. But I accept the challenge to start. a unique brand with products I actually love and wear!

Also, a great thing about lashes is that the start-up cost is fairly low compared to selling clothing. Plus storage space is significantly lower as well. I’m a self-proclaimed lash addict and can’t leave the house with a pair on. So selling and promoting something I loved was something I was willing to do long-term.
In addition, I am starting to pick up doing bridal makeup again. Therefore, I am able to really test the longevity and styles on all varieties of eye shapes! So I knew this business was definitely for me.

One of my main goals with this business is not only to become successful in sales but to also educate anyone first-time lash wearers! I believe lashes really elevate a look. Although, the problem is that a lot of women and men aren’t sure how to properly apply lashes. So I would like to educate and make the application process as simple as possible! How I plan to achieve this is with my magnetic lashes that feature not 5, not 6 but 10 micro lashes to ensure that lashes stay on all day and all night long with just a liner. If you can line it, you can lash it!


If you’re interested in visiting my website, visit,
And stay tuned, because I am creating a new segment to my blog on “My Journey of Starting a Small Business”. This will include blog posts with plenty of details, links, references, and solutions to help any new e-commerce business owner!

After the pandemic, many of us cannot rely on one source of income. So if you’ve been wanting to start a small business, I would love to become a resource for you! So definitely make sure to follow along and sign up for my email list at the footer of my blog!

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