From Florida to Barbado | Bumbu Rum Cocktail Recipe

On our quest to expand our flavor profiles, we knew that we needed to explore rums. Especially living in Florida, it’s inevitable. Because you can’t find a great beach drink unless there’s rum in it! As we scoped out the Rum section at our local Spirit Store, Jeff’s eyed the beautiful amber color and gold details of the Bumbu Rum.

What is Rum? Rum is a liquor made mostly in the Caribbean is distilled from sugar cane or molasses. Rum could also be produced in other countries. The percentage of alcohol by volume varies from a coconut rum to a high volume like Bacardi 151.

Bumbu Rum

What is Bumbu Rum?

Bumbu Rum is a luxurious aged rum made by hand in Barbados. It is aged for up to 15 years. The original Bumbu has a delightful aroma of vanilla and caramel. It’s sweet to the taste. Personally, it’s almost too sweet. Although, we truly enjoy it compared to other major Rum Brands. From the first sip, Bumbu is smooth when sipped on when in a neat glass. (Neat: liquor without ice) .

Bumbu lacks your typical “alcohol forward” taste associated with many rums and goes down very smoothly, hence why it’s become a staple at our house even for just taking straight shots. Hints of vanilla and banana hit right off the bat, if you like sweet, this is your new go to. If you’re a more traditional rum fan, I would be a little more reserved towards a purchase. Bumbu is endorsed by Lil Wayne, so their height in popularity will only continue to grow in the mainstream market, which were definitely not opposed to.

Bumbu Rum Tropical Cocktail

To really take advantage of Bumbu’s complex flavor, I wanted to try it in a tropical cocktail. First, We want to combine the spirits. Secondly, the juices. We prefer the juices to be as fresh as possible. Thirdly, to sweeten things up, we added our homemade raspberry simple syrup to this recipe. Lastly, to add more complexity, add dashes of orange bitters to cut all the sugars.

Now, its time to start shaking things up! Add all the ingredients and pour into the serving glass filled with ice. Last but not least, add your garnishes. And of course, a colorful umbrella to finish things off. And now, you’ll be sipping on the most exquisite beach drink under the sun!

Check out of “Tik Tok” recipe video on how we created this cocktail!

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