Where to find Birria Tacos in Orlando

If you are in search for delicious tacos and margaritas in orlando, we found the place! Today, Shelby and I are drinking our way through the cocktail menu at Agave Azul at their Winter Park location. They have several other locations in the city, but this one has a great atmosphere, and even better service. Come along with us as we sip at Agave Azul!

Let’s Talk Food at Agave Azul

Our server was excellent and made all kinds of suggestions to give us the best recommendations at agave Azul. We ordered the Birria Tacos which is off the secret menu. Never heard of birria tacos before? Let me put you on! Birria tacos have taken social media by storm! The stew originates in Jalisco, Mexico and are traditionally made with lamb, goat or beef and becomes a delicious filling for tacos. They’re truly irresistible. So what is it? Think of Birria tacos as a juicy twist to regular street tacos.

Agave Azul makes the tacos with brisket, which is used as a filling with plenty of cheese that is fried to crispy goodness. But wait, there’s more! These tacos are then dipped into an au jus-like stew. This savory stew at Agave Azul has been brewed for several hours giving us that home-style gloriousness. Is your mouth watering yet?! 

Make Birria Tacos at Home with this recipe

If you want to make these bad ass cheesy tacos at home, check out this recipe from Joshua Weissman, a talent chef on YouTube! https://youtu.be/4wORLNNsZc8

Let’s Talk Margaritas at Agave Azul

Now let’s talk cocktails! I will be the first to admit, Shelby and I went kinda nuts for lunch and ordered a lot of cocktails to try! They have such delicious varieties of margaritas, we couldn’t help ourselves! Agave Azul is known for their Margarita so we tasted their refreshing watermelon, all the way to their frozen strawberry Margarita paired with a Prosecco Brut. Pretty lit lunch if you ask me!

Como La Flor Margarita

+ Monte Alban Silver

+ Strawberry

+ Lime

+ Organic Agave Nectar

+ Black Salted Rim

Champagne Papi

+ Frozen Strawberry

+ Monte Alban Silver

+ Prosecco

+ Sugar Rim

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