5 Tips to use on Pinterest – For Beginners

Since I started blogging back in 2017, one of the best places to reach new readers is from Pinterest. Since I had to start over and create a brand new blog (the one you are reading now), I know the struggle of gaining new traffic growth. The great news is that Pinterest is STILL a powerful search engine in 2021. If you are in the beginning stages of your blog, then you’ll know how much time and effort it takes to create a blog, to create posts, and to market. The best part about Pinterest is that it’s completely free to use and you can get thousands of new monthly views in less time than Google Searches.


Growing on social media can take ages. A post shared on Instagram and Facebook will gain most of its traction within 24-48 hours and if you ever share a post on your blog, it’s unlikely you’ll get a reader. Whereas on Pinterest, it’s a search engine. The average Pinterest user is on the app/website is looking to answer a question, solve an issue, get ideas for decorating or plan a trip. And with proper SEO, you have the opportunity to show up for months from the very first minute you post!

Here are all my favorite tips you can take into action today to optimize your Pinterest to gain new readers!

Tip #1: Remember, Pinterest is a search engine

You want to create relevant content with strong keywords. Also, you’ll want to make sure you are producing high-quality photos. These photos should entice your readers to click on them, which will then redirect them to your blog.

Try creating a freebie or free resource. Then create a pin from Canva, a free and easy-to-use graphic design platform.

Tip #2: Try following accounts that are in your niche

If you are a travel blogger, find other travel content creators on Pinterest. It’ll be hard to find ones that are active. But try finding at least 20 people to follow. Also, once you start to understand how Pinterest works, you’ll start to get inspired to create stronger pins and optimizing your account!

Tip #3: Create and Optimize Your Pinterest boards around your Niche

Also, you’ll want to add a short yet strong description to each board. Make sure to at least add 3 keywords into sentences and not just hashtags so that anyone searching along your niche is more than likely to find your content. Add keywords and a few sentences into each pin that you upload. If you have a group of pins coming from the same blog post, I think it’s okay if they have the same description. There is a rumor going around that Hashtags are dead but until that is confirmed, maybe sure to add a hashtag or 2.

While you create more blog posts, you’ll want to add your pins to highly relevant boards. It’s a general rule to choose words that are to the point! If you have a board for travel, get more specific like “California Travel” or “Utah Travel”.

And just like an Instagram feed, having clear branding or a clean professional look can help you gain actual followers to your profile! If this is something you care to do, you can create cover boards on Canva with your brand colors and photo presets/filters.

Another Pro Tip when it comes to boards is to create a “Best of (YOUR BLOG NAME)” Board. This can help your followers and new followers find your Personal Pins instead of searching through each board.

Tip #4: Get active

Start pinning your photos and pins you’ve created. as well as pinning other creators. This will help Pinterest recognize that you are an active account. This could possibly help you with the algorithm. Try to at least upload 3 pins daily and like or save other pins from other accounts. If you have a Tailwind account – CLICK HERE FOR $15 OFF (this topic deserves its own post) you can join Tailwind communities and tribes to share your posts. Plus, it’s the best Pin scheduler that is an authorized app!

Another great tip is to make sure at least 75% of the pins that you pin to your account are created by you.

Tip #5: Make sure your account is a business account and not a personal account

Also, you’ll want to head over to your settings and claim your blog, your Instagram, YouTube account, Etsy, etc. That way you can get analytics/stats on pins from your blog. Plus, you’ll hear that Pinterest themselves tend to push pinks that are linked to these claimed accounts. Their main goal is to help you grow!

Bonus Tip

If you are ready to start gaining some momentum to your Pinterest Account, utilize Story Pins. This new feature is like Instagram Stories. Although these stories won’t allow you to link them to any related blog posts or social media channels, they do allow you to gain new followers and an improvement in engagement. The more engagement, the more likely Pinterest acknowledge your account and put your pins in favor of their algorithm. The reason is that Pinterest is adding these story pins to the top of the page, the same way Instagram has their stories at the top of the app! Again

Remember the goal: to gain new traffic to your blog & social media channels. All these tips are easy to implement and are important in your first stage of Pinterest Success! I am trying to add these tips into my new Pinterest account as well. If you would like, be sure to follow me! www.pinterest.com/heykristinakayla

@heykristinakayla Pinterest account in March 2021

If I find any tips in the future, I will update this post!


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